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Dear volunteers, we are very sorry that we have not been able to provide information to you for the last two months due to technical problems. We have now updated our contact information (see Contact Us), and will be able to respond to questions you may have (updated May 9th 2013).

Currently we have an immediate need for financial support. We need to pay rent for the class rooms used by The Newcomer Education Centre, we have electricity and internet bills to pay, and we would like to pay salary to our local organizer. If you are at all able to contribute some financial support we would be very grateful. Please look under Donate - Money for details.

Volunteering abroad is a unique experience that can immerse you in another culture, help you develop long-lasting friendships, and make an overall difference in the world.

teacher teaching

Volunteer Tibet aims to help the displaced Tibetan community through education programs and skill building workshops. Based in Dharamsala India, the organization receives no outside funding or support. Volunteer Tibet relies solely on the generosity of family, friends, donors and volunteers.


Please take some time to learn about the Tibetan people's plight and how these tenacious people came to settle in Dharamsala. Read about the Newcomer Education Centre where students are educated in foreign languages at no charge. Also meet our students and volunteers.


If you have any special skills or training find out how you can help. If you cannot visit Dharamsala, view the donations page for ways to donate much needed materials, money and equipment. For all other volunteering positions available visit the volunteer opportunities page.


Volunteer Tibet started with the help of many volunteers and local Tibetans commemorating the Anniversary of the Noble Peace prize award for His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Since inception, we have received interests from literally thousands of people and enabled a diverse group of volunteers from all over the world to share their skills in the Tibetan community.


Please be aware, Volunteer Tibet Organization has changed its domain name from www.VolunteerTibet.org to www.VolunteerTibet.org.in for security reasons. Thank you.


There are many ways to help Volunteer Tibet, you can donate...